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Frank A. Jones
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PBS Aerospace Engineering Blog - Article No. 3


Engine Performance

When working on aircraft engine integration, the most important issue to hadle well is Engine Performance.  This topic consists of the horsepower (or thrust) and fuel consumption of the prime power supply of an aircraft. If one is working on an Auxiliary  Power Unit (APU), then you will also be working on the quantity of electrical power and compressed air that the APU can provide. This is where PBS can help you! With a complete line of small gas turbines and APU’s, we will do everything to meet your expectations regarding engine requirements.

They will almost certainly know how much power is need.  Keep in mind that the power provided will always be a minimum number.  The engine manufacturer will be allowed to supply an engine or APU that has more than the minimum, because they can always restrict the unit from putting out more than required.  The problem of providing more than the minimum is that anything in excess of the minimum will almost certainly result in an engine that is too large physically or too expensive.  It is more important to provide an engine that meets the requirements and doesn’t exceed those because if you do, the engine will be unsatisfactory for the other reasons listed above.

To determine the required amount of horsepower or thrust, this value is provided by the aircraft manufacturer. Once the horsepower or thrust required is known, an engine can be selected. You can choose from our wide portfolio, select the engine that meets your requirement and provide the accompanying specifications you have. At this point, PBS and the aircraft manufacturer will start work together to ensure that this integrations works well.
In the event of a requirement for an APU, the manufacturer needs to provide the required electrical power and compressed air flow and pressure.  Once again, supplying an APU that contains, and does not exceed, these values is important, so an APU is not too big. You can check out APIs we currently offer on our API web page.
If you have any other questions about the integration of one of our engines or APUs into your aircraft, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We have the products and experience to maximize the integration of our engines into your vehicle.


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