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Frank A. Jones
Frank A. Jones
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The ECS-K8 system automatically maintains the temperature in the cockpit according to the pilot's requirements in the range of +54 °F to +91 °F (+12 °C to +33 °C)  for all ground and flight modes. The system also features a “defog” function, which removes canopy fogging using hot air.

Main features
  • Turbocooler.
  • Heat exchanger.
  • Water separator.
  • Control valves.
  • Shut-off valve.
  • Check valve.
  • Thermostats.
  • Pneumatic regulation.
  • All-in-one cooling and heating.
  • Low weight, simple installation, compact design.
  • No electricity requirements.
  • Long time before overhaul (TBO).
  • Ecological operation – no refrigerant.
  • Simple variability according to customer requirements.
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