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Frank A. Jones
Frank A. Jones
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The versatile PBS TJ100 has a fuel-lubricated engine version of signification PBS TJ100P. It has a lower weight and is used in target drones and various UAVs, which demands high-speed performance.

  • Built-in starter-generator
  • Short starting sequence
  • Windmill starting option under 7 sec
  • Salt water recovery option
  • EASA standards

PBS continues to prove itself a leader in aerospace engineering with its in-house development, production, testing and certification of small jet engines. Over the last several decades, the company has developed and improved upon designs and manufacturing processes to produce first-class aircraft engines.

The PBS TJ100P is an exceptional turbojet engine built by PBS. It is an extension of the PBS TJ100 line, which has been one of PBS’s most successful aircraft products to date with over 1,000 produced in 2019 alone. Building on the success of the original version, the PBS TJ100P contains many of the original features and components, while improving several of the features for added benefits to the customers. 

The much-acclaimed features such as the excellent thrust-to-weight ratio at 1,250 N and the possibility of both ground and in-flight restarts remain the same. Likewise, the maximum altitude of 32,808 ft and maximum speed of 0.8 M for the operating envelope and the maximum altitude of 19,685 ft and maximum speed of 0.5 M for the starting envelope also remain the same.
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