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Frank A. Jones
Frank A. Jones
Manager, Business Development

PBS Aerospace Magazine

Welcome to the latest edition of PBS A Magazine, where we delve into a year marked by exceptional progress and breakthroughs. Our journey has led us to embrace new collaborations and seize opportunities that reshaped our landscape, propelling us to thrive in innovative ways.
Engine Excellence Takes the Spotlight
The highlight of 2023 introduces the PBS TJ200 engine—a remarkable addition to our turbojet engine lineup. Designed from the ground up, this cutting-edge engine boasts a remarkable thrust power of 2,280 N. Its unveiling at the Paris Air Show 2023 was met with anticipation and acclaim, setting a new standard for performance.
At the Paris Air Show 2023 PBS has launched new Auxiliary Power Unit, the SPARK40. This innovation packs double the power for onboard systems while increasing pressurized air, among other enhancements, all while reducing weight and enhancing reliability. As we continue to push boundaries, this APU opens new possibilities in aviation.
Precision Engineering Fuels Aviation Advancements
Our precision engineering excellence resonates in aircraft engines, auxiliary power units, and environmental control systems. Partnerships and PBS´s presence in projects such as the AERO L-39NG Program, Leonardo's Mirach 100/5 target drone, Sonex Aircraft Subsonex, NAVMAR Tracer UAV or Velontra´s hypersonic Bronco system are just few among many showcasing our role in shaping cutting-edge aviation solutions.
Nurturing Emerging Visionaries
Fostering talent and innovation is vital, as demonstrated by our collaboration with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and sponsorship of the FIRST® International Robotic Challenge. These initiatives underline our commitment to shaping the next generation of aerospace visionaries.
And finally, as we explore the pages of PBS A Magazine, we extend gratitude to our team, partners, and customers who propel us toward excellence. Join us in embracing a future where innovation knows no bounds.

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