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Frank A. Jones
Frank A. Jones
Manager, Business Development

Pyro-flare ignition for turbojet engine

Jet powered Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) missions demand a reliable, fast and quick-to-adapt propulsion system. Platforms such as loitering munitions, C-UAS platforms & air-launched combat UAS demand an engine that fulfills the certain requirements. 
These requirements include:
  • Quick engine start-up sequence
  • Stable operation with quick throttle changes
  • High velocity & high-altitude starts ability (start envelope)
Boosting a conventional COTS turbojet engine, to technically comply with the requirements mentioned above, is a great challenge. PBS Aerospace has addressed this challenge with an innovative solution – the integration of a pyro-flare igniter to the engine.
The PBS Aerospace pyro-flare igniter contributes to a quick engine start-up and ensures a reliable start and operation in high velocity and high-altitude environments. The pyro-flare igniter itself is a very compact (only half an inch in diameter) and very light system. The cylinder-shaped device can be initiated with a standard DC battery pack and is easy to use.
Along with other key innovations, PBS Aerospace has recently integrated a pyro-flare ignition to the PBS TJ40 engine program, and tests are being performed at the moment. This achievement proves the PBS Aerospace’s agile approach when adapting to current and future market challenges.


Radim Jansa

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