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Frank A. Jones
Frank A. Jones
Manager, Business Development

PBS Aerospace now offers Cryogenics products

PBS has a unique ability to carry out in-house design and development, manufacture and test of cryogenic turboexpanders, cryogenic compressors and pumps with cryogenic drive units. PBS has been in the cryogenic business for more than 35 years. During this time, PBS has built a significant position in the market of cryogenic turboexpanders, compressors and pumps.
Our clients are the world’s leading manufacturers of large cryogenic units and research organizations; to include the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN and the Rossendorf Research Center, which demonstrates the high level of technicality and quality of our products. Our products are highly customizable, which allows flexible adaption to individual customer requirements.

PBS Turboexpanders are primarily designed for the expansion of gases such as helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, air and other mediums, in gas liquefiers. Our turboexpanders have a unique design that makes it possible to quickly respond to customer requirements for various input and output parameters of the expanding gas. The primary advantage of PBS turboexpanders is the very simple and precise speed control with the turbine brake, as well as their maintenance-free operation thanks to the placement of the rotor on gas-dynamic bearings. These gas-dynamic bearings are capable of reaching up to 360,000 RPMs with a wide range of mass flow from 4 g/s to 600 g/s.

PBS Cryogenic compressors utilize single or multi-stage compressors primarily designed to exhaust very low temperature vapor from liquid helium tanks. They can also be used with other inert gases such as nitrogen, argon and other mediums. PBS has developed a new drive unit for compressors, which uses gas-dynamic bearings. This technology ensures trouble-free and maintenance-free operation, delivering power up to 7 Kw and capable of reaching 90,000 RPM (CC) and 45,000 RPM (CP). PBS compressors and the pumps utilize a single-stage axial-radial impeller with a pressure ratio up to 4. They are meant to operate independently or as a part of compressor cascades with a total pressure ratio up to 20-25.

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