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Frank A. Jones
Frank A. Jones
Manager, Business Development

PBSA extends the support for its US customers

PBS AEROSPACE Inc. (PBSA) is part of the PBS GROUP family which includes; R&D, design and manufacturing in aerospace, casting, cryogenics, and power and heat generation.
PBS Aerospace is headquarted in Atlanta, GA and focuses on delivering small gas turbine propulsion, auxiliary power units, environmental control systems, and cryogenic solutions. "The success of PBSA in the market requires experts across various functions within the company. This ensures PBSA delivers the best products and services to our customers", says Tomas Koutsky, Executive Member of the board.
"Our US based sales and business development team has done a tremendous job over the past few years. Their support, along with our outstanding quality products, has rapidly grown our operations.  We are and have been successful in building new relationships and partnerships across the aerospace and defense industries. These relationships push us for continuous improvements in our solutions delivery", he added.
One of those improvements for solutions delivery is localized installation and integration engineering services. PBS has always provided engineering support to its customers globally but has begun supporting UAS air vehicle OEMs with PBS gas turbine installation and integration engineering services in United States since the first half of 2021. PBS has established a local US based team with the intention to rapidly expand the team to satisfy the increasing customer needs. This effort is lead by Thomas Wright, an Aircraft Installation Design & Integration Engineering subject matter expert. Thomas brings more than 40  years of Fixed-Wing and Small Helicopter airframe and engine applications engineering from Rolls-Royce Corporation. He also brings new automotive electrical product development and high voltage hybrid automobile products experience from Delphi Electronics, a division of General Motors. Thomas is also a proud holder of 4 US patents; Aircraft Engine Inverted Flight Valve, RF Based Theft  Deterrent System (automotive key fob security), Low Oil Detection System (an innovative method of detecting the oil level in a hybrid vehicle transmission), Scavenge Oil Pump Oil Level Control System (a method of operating an electric scavenge oil pump in a hybrid vehicle transmission).

Everyone at PBSA is committed to bringing value to our customers and we strongly believe that the installation and integration services we offer will get the job done! The localization of PBS technical expertise is another milestone for PBS Aerospace‘s success in the US market. 

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