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Frank A. Jones
Frank A. Jones
Manager, Business Development

PBS TJ100P: latest addition to PBS turbojet engines family

We are always trying to aim higher and improve our product by the needs of our customers. The result is PBS TJ100P - a new addition to our turbojet engines family and a fuel-lubricated version of PBS worldwide recognized and operated PBS TJ100.

PBS TJ100P is a fuel-lubricated version of PBS worldwide recognized and operated PBS TJ100 turbojet engine that brings many new interesting features. With PBS TJ100P, PBS is offering the customers an excellent weight-to-thrust ratio, versatility, and further extends the capabilities of medium turbojet engines. It can be used by manufacturers of target drones, modern UAV and UCAV systems.

Compared to the original version, the advantage of the PBS TJ100P engine is its lower weight, so customers will certainly enjoy lower sales costs. The oil-free version makes it easier to store and operate the engine. It is not necessary to pour oil from the fuel tank after operating the engine. The engine can be stored and operated in any position - there is no restriction of the angles of inclination during flight and take-off.

The PBS TJ100P turbojet engine allows the integrated architecture of up to 2 converters with a power output of up to 2,3kW, which means that the motor meets modern UAV systems high power supply requirements. This also reduces the weight of the batteries. The engine is started electrically and allows an in-flight start.

Main features:

  • Fuel-lubricated
  • Excellent thrust-to-weight ratio
  • No limitation of engine position at the time of launch
  • User-friendly storage
  • Low weight –2 kg weight saving compared to engine versions with autonomous oil system
  • Possibility of ground and in-flight restart

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